About Us

Yuji Golf based in Singapore for 15 years (from 1997 till now).Focusing on golf hospital and research development centre with original designed golf club maker & golf equipments in Singapore.

Owner Profile:
Mori Yuji, age 48 from Nagasaki Japan. Speaks: English, Japanese, Singlish, Mandarin, some  (Russia,Malay,Thai).
ln Maruman Golf Research Development department for 7 years.
5 years Maruman Golf (Japan),2 and half years Maruman Golf (Taiwan).Started own company,Yuji Golf Singapore, from 1997 till today.

Master of Science degree completion in 
Graduate Department of Metal/Materials 
in Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Qualified Golf Instructor (NGF Japan) 
National Golf Foundation 
appointed official USGA (for Japanese residing in Singapore) golf handicap issuer.