19 March 2013

Down blow shot gives more back spin

Its a world common sense that down blow shot increases the back spin and gives more distance.
I have been no doubt for long time.

 So I tried to calculate how the down blow shot increase the back spin.
After calculation ,  ???????.     What happening?      Then I think and think. 

Finally I realized that its not true.
Please see below

Down blow shot gives more back spin

Club loft : θ
Force to push ball by club head : F

The factor to decide the back spin value is the red color arrow size. (see fig)
 (Disregard the face material or groove shape or head rotation of off-set hitting)

 Then the red arrow size is
    F sin θ 
This formula contains only two factors.; F and θ  

It shows that The factor to increase back spin is
 1) bigger club loft 
 2) faster head speed 
Its nothing to do with a down blow angle.

 Down blow shot NEVER increase the back spin ! (but gives more distance)
 I found surprising fact.


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