09 April 2012

2012 MASTERS Final Results



Above is the final day scoring chart for this year 2012 The Masters.
Still no Green Jacket for Tiger Woods this year (sigh).Major changes in Woods this year,his golf swing are getting smaller,his golf stance are narrower & changes his putter follow through are shorter than before.

Phil Mickelson on the other hand (whom is leading on the first front nine) final day,

made the biggest mistake on the 4th hole when his ball slices to the left & went under the shrubs.Instead of declaring unplayable  to make the drop (maybe he might have the chance to make  bogey),Mickelson just went ahead to get the ball out by hitting his club with right hand.
He shank his club twice before it went in the bunker & then to the green (big sigh).
From 8 under to sudden drop to 5 under on the 4th hole ,there goes wth the wind, his 4th winning chance at this year Augusta National..

Augusta National spectators witnessed super shot by Louis Ossthuizen whom made double eagle (albatross) on the 2nd hole for the first time in Masters history.
Louis & Bubba both ,had the same tie at 10 under,went to sudden death play at the 18th & 10th hole.
Louis second shot fell short by the collar of the green where he made bogey on the 10th(Par 4).

Bubba Watson deserves himself for his first Green Jacket victory at The Masters.
Starting off with pink driver from teeing ground to sudden death play at the 10th hole,
On the the 10th hole (sudden death play),Bubba Watson got into trouble when his ball sliced into the woods.
He managed to get it out by hitting super second shot to the green.


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