27 January 2015

Yuji Golf on How To Golf Advise & Consultation

how to golf consultation
Golf results mainly are from " swing " and " club " ( and "mental / visualize training" ).

Usually big golf maker or manufacturer categorize golfer as
 For beginner or good player ,
Faster Or Slower in golf head speed ,
For fun social golf game or golf as sport's athlete .

But at YUJI GOLF (Golf Hospital )we are do concern more about our customer's golf positioning.
In other words: Every details from golf clubs specs next is golf swing & hitting impact analyser to golf
positioning more detailed.

Analyzing your "golf swing " and your "golf club " stands how much slice side or how much hook side. Of course we do care about customers head speed or body size (→H value) or etc.
Yuji Golf come across many cases, these 2 cases are frequently encounter:
how to golf
Case No.1)
(right is slice side) swing -------------→ club ←-------------
 Slice side swing and hook side club .

 Both are not correct but the result is quite nice.There is the problem, but first let's look into these
(But if a customer's aim to be a better player than now ,advisable it's better to adjust both swing and club.)

Case No.2)
 swing -------------→ club ←---
 These both cases are likely to happen slice problems.
 Either Swing need to change by cutting down slice or Club adjustment to more hook side And the results
become better in performances .

It's better for you, understanding your current golf situation both golf swing and golf clubs.
We check up your swing and club then guide you how to improve your golf result.
Golf Checks/Consultation up takes 30-50 minutes.
Consultation charges = S$50.
Then after whole check up is done, It depends if any club adjustment needs for your equipment.
  • change → shaft flex, length, club weight ,loft, lie angle ,face angle, grip size..... etc. 
  • Or at times changes in your golf swing needs by lessons. 
  • change → adress , weight shift , ball position , swing path , face angle ...... etc 
  • And of course we do teach course management , mental management , golf rule...etc.
For golf beginners don't hesitate to contact us for proper golf lessons , golf guidance on (golf equipments,golf rules & etiquettes ), golf handicap (USGA handicap workshop held by Society of Singapore Golfers).
  • Golf Lessons charges= S$50 half an hour(one to one basis)


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