07 April 2013

Golf Swing Weight 2

You can find a swing weight scale in most golf shop. But you can also measure it yourself by using weight scale and measuring tape .By doing this , you can try & calculate it by trying this method.

Before this you should know the calculation formula :

1inch=2.54cm 1ounce=28.35g

Take an example of a driver

length 45.75inch , weight 307.8g (= 10.86ounce)

balance point from grip end is 83.5cm

As mentioned before at moment ,

Moment is

(distance from action point and center of rotation ) x (force)

action point : 83.5cm = 32.87inch

center of rotation : 14inch from grip end

32.87-14 = 18.87 inch

then multiple by force ( = club weight)

18.87x10.86 = 204.9 inch.ounce

Please see the table
C8 = 210 inch.ounce

So 204.9 is very near to C5.

And mesure it by swing weight scale, then get the same result.

That is ok.

In addition

The balance is calculate from the value of the moment (inch ounce) when expressing it in

A0 → 0 , B0 → 10 , C0 → 20 , D0 → 30

⇒ balance = (moment -161)x4/7

= 25.08 so C5.08


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