07 February 2013

Golf Swing Weight 1

We will talk about swing weight or swing balance or so-called a balance this time.
(In the following, it unites by the expression "Balance". )

Balance is:
"Moment" in point circumference of 14 inches from grip end
in physics.

It has been believed for a long time that the value of the balance shows the heaviness of the weight felt during swing . However, many people knows that it is a complete mistake. It comes to a common sense now. Then where is the mistake?

1)No one grasps 14 inches from the grip end.

2)The golf swing doesn't rotate around 14 inches from the grip end.

In the old times all the shaft made of steel and all the grips are about same weight(around 55g), so this wrong concept was not that troublesome at that time . But now, you can choose light shaft to heavy shaft and grip size also same.

Now you cannot say "D2 fells heavier than C8".

For simple example, if you change grip from light one to heavy one, the club become heavier and you feel heavier also, but balance become lighter.

As mentioned above, When neither the shaft weight nor the grip weight are the same, balance cannot use for the comparison at all.

You had better think about the total club weight rather than swing weight.


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