07 October 2011

Golf Side Spin

What do you know about side spin ? "One that causes ball to slice or hook. "It might be understood that it is two dimensions of rolling in your image .

Golf Side Spin

In Figure 1,
The traveling direction ..Z.. , and the rotation around the X axis is backspin and rotation around Y axis is the side spin. This image seems to be correct but actually it is not.
Let's think a little bit more in a scientific manner by three dimensions or 3D .
When there is no side spin as shown in Figure 2, the spin axis horizontally becomes only a backspin and it becomes a straight ball. When the side spin enters it, the spin axis inclines and it becomes the slice and a hook

as shown in Figure 2.

The backspin and the side spin are calculated by resolving the number of total spins from the inclination of the spin axis to X axis element, Y axis element, and Z axis element. For instance, when inclinations of the axis are 45 degrees (z axis element as 0), the backspin becomes equal and becomes big curved with the side spin. Moreover, if this becoming almost 90 degrees when hitting ball onto the toe side it cause ball to shank ,it can be quite embarrassing at times.

What is Z axis element here?

These spins are often seen by throwing darts or shooting bullets from guns or releasing an arrow.
Posture can be stabilized by this in the bullet etc. but in golf though it is not useful.
This is one of the gyroscopic precessions.


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