21 September 2011

Slant Assemble

If you are using mild steel iron set, you can change lie angle to adjust ball flight.As for wood clubs or casting irons it is impossible to change the lie angle. Mentioning about wood club here is metal wood, not the persimon wood.

We at YUJI GOLF can do lie angle adjustment by slant assemble. Using same method ,we can change loft angle or face angle too. Please see fig.

Golf lie angle adjustment

hosel inner diameter : D
shaft outer diameter : d
socket depth : L


D = L tanθ + d cosθ   --------------- ①

To solve this formula is not easy.But if θ is very small , tanθ = θ and cosθ = 1.

then D = Lθ + d

θ = (D-d)/L --------------- ②

To make θ bigger

→ D bigger or d smaller or L smaller

We can control θ by 0.1 degree using our own TECHBASE and our special equipment.

exp 1) D = 9.0mm , d = 8.2mm ,L = 23mm
then θ = 2.0 deg

If change lie angle by 2 deg , direction will change by 0.93deg. This means 2.44m deviated at 150m. (Never count the side spin )

exp 2 ) D = 9.5mm , d = 8.3mm ,L = 23mm
then θ = 3.0 deg
Now a lot of wood head's hosel diameter are bigger than before.

By using this slant assemble methods/techniques ,YUJI GOLF help customer's golf games become better.


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