26 September 2011

Shaft Stiffness by Frequency

In the past few years,we've encounter similar comments from most golfers brought their golf clubs
(major golf brands) to us:
"My driver has regular specs shaft but I feel the shaft still too soft for me."
" When I had good impact , my golf ball goes to the left (hook)"
Does these happens to you as well ?

Each golf shafts indicates stiffness & flexibility which are S , R , AR , L .
In these column on golf science,we explain few methods in golf industries does measurement & difference stiffness of a golf shaft.

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1) Measurement in in Deflection Board
Depending on the amount of deflection which is measured by locking the shaft rear at the tip hanging fixed weights to secure the shaft.

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2) Measurement in Frequency
Measure the frequency by the locking at end of the the shaft's butt.

Golf swing analysis

3) Measurement In Center Flex
Measuring the shaft strength by bending the center of the shaft.

In physics definitions of Frequency or r.p.m (revolution per minute) is a unit of frequency of rotation: the number of full rotations completed in one minute around a fixed axis. It is used as a measure of rotational speed of a mechanical component.

The famous calculation in physics that is known as : 1 rpm = 1/min = 1/(60s) = 1/60 Hertz ≈ 0.01667 Hz

What Is Hz (Hertz)? It is part of our daily life that often seen to name a few such as washing machine,DVD player,audio radio,automoble engines and so on.

Back to the physics again,While Hz (Hertz) is commonlly use by physics, in golf industries by c.p.m (cycle per minute) .

Frequency measurement golf shafts are in the range of 200c.p.m to 340c.p.m.

Take note : Shafts by different length with same frequency has it's difference by stiffness & flexibility as well.

The best way to know the differences , by comparing two different clubs & < A > shafts.H old the grip up, try to wiggle the club side to side motion instead of pressing the club down .

Currently, major golf manufacturers knows frequency in shafts are in golf head speed as well.In fact these has been ignored & not in demand anymore.Recent mass production & sales in golf industry are likely targeting senior golfers since for the past few years.


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