24 September 2011

Moment in Physics

What is "Moment"? In this world of golf in science, it can't be avoided at all.
Do you really know what does it means?
We had learned these previously "principle of moment" in school .
To understand it easier, "Moment" means the magnitude of force that influences the rotation of an object.
As you can see figure below:

Golf physics Moment

When :(weight ) X (distance from the fulcrum to the action point)= (force) X (distance from the fulcrum).
"Fulcrum is the axis of rotation or point of support on which a lever turns in raising or moving something."

Please take a look at this equation : ( M = r X F )
-The size of the force "F"
-The distance from the action point to the center of rotation "r",

-Size of the moment "M"

When a force is used to begin or rotate an object & to stop an object from rotation, a torque is made.
The force applied to a lever, multiplied by the distance from the lever's fulcrum is described as torque.
To make the answer easier: Both moment & torque are equally same definition.

Is it possible force "F" or the object "r" able to rotate the moment "M" ( F X r =M ) ?
Definitely the answer is : It is impossible.
It causes reverse reaction that influences the rotation/direction of an object.
It appears so frequently in golf ,at this point of view it is easier for everyone to learn the definition "principle of moment" just by making it easier to understand.


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