03 September 2011

Golf Club Fitting H Value

An H value is a measurement of a height from the grip end to the ground when addressing a golf club (see. photograph). This is numerical value are specially use in YUJI GOLF(golf hospital) , as it is helpful & comes in handy in many ways in custom fitting.

Firstly ,let me explain a correct golf stance/ address. (see photo )

Golf Club Fitting Singapore

As for the upper part of the body bends forward to 40 degrees and while bending the knees, relaxing & lowering the left arm straight down while setting up a stance .When addressing with a club in this manner, as shown in the photograph is correct and right golf posture.

The measurement of H value are generally around in 75 centimeters average height for men and 70 centimeters for women.

On the other hand, there are golfers addressing in these golf posture ( e.g figure shown on the right ). In this case, the H value .....of course increases in value of measurement.

So far I've calculated the right suitable club length of a person ( from 2 years old child to very tall Western gentlemen )by using this H value. I think that the right club length should be longer if H value increases . BUT ....if an arm is longer from the height , the H value decreases should be shorter in club length.

In this way ,I strongly recommends using the best suitable club length for anyone by using an H value in YUJI GOLF.Beside that , I determine by analyzing other methods in various swing elements too.

A well known club fitting technology & golf manufacturer " Pxxx ",by using their club fitting : Measuring & fixing the iron's lie angle by each person's height from the ground by standing straight upright to the finger-tip. As they believe that tall men should be using upright lie angle clubs.

When I analyse their method , it still lacks of some rationality . Why do they never consider about the influence such as : Different sizes of human body golf posture by bending forward , different sizes of finger length and golf gripping for each person individually.

*These column below is for advanced golfer's readers but anyone are welcome to read these as well *

When calculate from an address lie angle from an H value and club length. by using simple in trigonometric function (function of an angle) in physics, in these case of H = 75 centimeters, as you can calculate in these example below:

45 inches of drivers  — 41.01 degrees

39 inches of 3 irons  — 49.21 degrees

35.5 inches of PW  — 56.28 degrees.

Are you aware that from 3iron -> PW length differences counts in 7 .

3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 9 -> PW

Or should a golf address of an iron lie angle by 7 degrees as well ?

However,world wide golf manufacturer designs each iron head lie angle perspectively from #3 to PW by 0.5 degree times by 7 = 3.5degree .That's mean current lie angle specs has not been change since persimmon head era ,back to 300 years ago? . Isn't it quite strange ?

Should #3iron need to be more toe-up than PW.

"If " a designed 3iron lie angle is = 59 degree, PW lie angle should be 59+3.5= 62.5 degree.

And then,the angle from the ground to the sole of iron head is (see address lie angle)

3iron 59 - 49.2 = 9.8 degrees

PW 62.5 - 56.3 = 6.2 degrees
Golf Club Fitting Singapore

What a big differences!. Do you think it is correct theory ? or maybe it is just some design mistakes ?

Well , I let you  choose to decide .


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