11 September 2011

Golf Grip Sizes

Golf Grip Sizes : About the size of the grip
A) For slicer small size grip is better.
B) For hooker big size grip is better
Is it true?

If you turn the baseball bat by both side, big side easier to turn..It is because one side which the distance from the center is further can put a bigger moment even if power is the same.

Golf grip
Then, big grip is easier to turn. it contradicts B.

Moreover, some people says small size grip is effective to increase the head speed. And big size grip is said that the movement of the wrist is controlled and become better direction control. Is it true?

The grip size of the putter seems to become bigger every year.

I was surprised when we tested the special big putter grip of about ten centimeters in diameter ,when working for the manufacturer before .

It was surprisingly easy to get in the hole.

And there is the special practice putter with two shafts in YUJI GOLF. It is also very easy to cup in.

It is very clear to say that for the putter bigger size grip is better.

However, there is a limitation in the size of the grip in the golf rule, and it becomes it as follows 1.75 inches (44.5 mm) if not becoming it even though it measures in any direction. It seems that the golf rule knows big grip is advantageous.

The big butt shaft had become popular before. A thin grip had adhered to the big size shaft end. The size of the rear end of the shaft (It is called butt) is from 18 to about 22mm though 15mm in the diameter is usual.

But it has disappeared from the market in only about two years though it is thought that "The head speed goes up then can get more distance"

It is true that longer club length gives more distance. But club weight must be lighter. If your club length become longer and weight become heavier, you cannot hope that your head speed become faster.

In this respect big butt shaft was advantageous. It was reasonable to make the outside diameter bigger to lighten the shaft and the grip.

About three figures are equal bending strength when thinking at the geometrical moment of inertia, and the sectional area of the big butt (= weight) is halves of a usual shaft.

It is an ultimate lightening to thin the pipe and to enlarge the outside diameter. Though of course (Because it is a carbon shaft), there is a limit.

Well, let's return to the subject. Is the head turned easily when the grip is small and is there an effect of suppressing the slice? It is not possible to agree to this.
====== my current conclusion =========
Matching the size of the grip to the size of the hand. It most by the grasp and there is no sense of incompatibility.
Adjusting the slice and hook by the size of the grip makes a mistake. However, a big grip is advantageous for any person for the putter. It might be a point.


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