28 September 2011

Club fitting must be very careful

Mr. D.L. brought his friend Mr.J.Y. He is long time YUJI club user. And he wanted me to do club fitting for his friend.
J.Y.: I want to renew the iron set.

D.L.: He always hit hook.

Y.M. : OK then please show me your swing.

Swing path is almost straight.

Face angle is always open.

Hhmmm??  Is he a hooker.??

Then check his trajectory using Vector Launch machine.
It was very tough to measure his ball trajectories, mostly he had duff shots. This  Accusport machine cannot register datas for top or duff shots. Chances were 10 to 1. After watching his swing for many times , I found out what is happening.

Golf club fitting Singapore

Analyse his case,whenever he duff and hit the ground,iron face turns to close face & becomes hook.
In Japan we called it as"duff-hook" .When he make good hit , ball goes slice.

I explained to him that he must change swing to fix duff.
Then I recommend him to make Vector -RX iron which tends to cut down slice (not hook) from 1 piece for start and take golf lesson.

After 2 days later, I called him " club is ready". Then he said " I just going to driving range now, its good timing." Oh he is very eager to practice golf.

Lesson starts:
Point : His weight shift is not enough , and weight shift timing tend to delay.
→ practice " hit and walk " and " take out tape" drills.

He called me from driving range " every shot goes straight ! , please make the rest of the irons at same specs"
I realized again " club fitting must be very careful ."


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