15 September 2011

Bending Lie Angle ?

A phone conversation from customer :
Customer : "Can you do bend loft for my irons? "
Yuji Golf : "Yes but it's better to check the model, as many models can't bend.
Unless for forged mild steel head can be bend"
Customer : "My irons are HONMA."
Yuji Golf : "If it's genuine HONMA then it's no problem, but there are a lot of imitations."
Customer : "I bought in Singapore then it should be ok."

Then the customer came to YUJI GOLF.
Customer : " My pro said that better bend upright 3-4 degree."
Then checked her address.   She was standing quite upright. And her H value is 82 cm.
Its very high value even though she is quite tall.
" H value" for mens avarage is 75cm , lady is 70 cm.

Then ask her to take correct address and check again. H value becomes 75 cm.
Her club length for 5 iron is  37 inch which is lady's standard length.
Then I recommend to lengthen 1 inch which is mens standard length.

Lengthen club and bend lie upright have same effect for ball directions.
We do have know-how for 1 deg lie angle = how much length by (YUJIGOLF  TECHBASE)

In this case, pro should recommend/advise her to adjust address and club length.
By bending club lie angle, it will never change golf address.
Customer having wrong club length and  one will always do wrong swing forever
 and it is no good for any golfer in long term.

Now ,I'll explain how to lengthen your club .
Many people does not know in fact all the golf club can be lengthen/extend.
1) pump out grip and let it dry. 2) cut another shaft to fit the shaft end size. 3) adhere shaft inside. 4) put spacer to the butt and finally 5) re-insert grip.

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