23 September 2011

Adjustable Angle Driver Heads

Nowadays many driver models have the function of adjustable weight or loft angle or face angle.
Today I want to talk about the angle adjustable head (not the weight adjustable head).
To say simply , normal head is 2 pieces structure - head and shaft, whereas , this adjustable head is 4 pieces structure - head , shaft , aluminium piece, and screw. See figure.

Aluminium piece have a hole that is slant 1 to 2 degree from the axis. Shaft adheres to this hole. Then head and Al piece are fixed by screw not by adhesive. You turn this Al piece and refix then you can adjust loft angle or face angle . Its theoretically same as the slant assemble we YUJI GOLF did from the past. The range of adjustment is from 2 to 4 degrees because this is double of hole slant angle of the Al piece. Compare with the weight adjustment last time (T○Ro) , its much bigger performance change. For example , if change loft by 3 degrees, you feel a lot differences.

But you must be careful about these facts ;
  • 1 Head and shaft connection is only depend on one screw strength. If screw or Al piece is broken , you cannot use this function.
→ It had already happened to my customer.
  • 2 Many of these model's Al piece length or neck length is not enough so easy to happen shaft breakage.
  • 3 Al piece is small so it's difficult to change shaft.
  • 4 When you adjust bigger loft then automatically become hook face. You cannot adjust like loft bigger and face angle open.
  • 5 If you adjust often , you cannot use the grip with rib. Once you adjust angle you must adjust your grip angle also. Its very troublesome (maaffan!).
  • 6 Their catalogue show you that you can change ball directions drastically. But even you change lie angle by 2 degrees , its effect is very doubtful. (Change face angle makes mental effects only)

Let say 11 deg loft then change lie angle by 2 degrees , the angle of change direction is only 0.4 degree (by YUJI GOLF TECH BASE). It means 1.4m difference at 200m a head. Do you think its effective?

I think this function of change loft ---> change trajectory height is very effective , but not so effective for direction for normal golfers.


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