31 August 2011

Golf Putters

Golf Putters
Vector 021 Putter
Another heavy weight and zero loft design .Adjustable weight between 400g-450g and adjustable lie.Milled from a single block of mild steel.Top selling putter with satisfactory results.
Recommended for all players.

Golf Putters
Velocity Putter
Featuring Velocity Zero loft putter designed to enhance better putts accuracy on the green.
User friendly putter for level from beginner to single handicapper.

Golf Putters
NIT 001 Putter
Heavy weight model featuring 1mm thinner face face for expansion of sweet spot areas.
These " Zero Angle Loft " putter gives better topspin,improves rolls on turf &
 allows compensation for lie angle.

Golf Putters

Hailler Putter
Heavy weight and zero loft putter design for easy control. Adjustable lie and offset.
For both right or left hand players.
Heavy weight center design.Adjustable for left hand players.