31 August 2011

Golf Irons

Golf Irons

Vital Plus
Exclusively designed for beginners & forgiving for cutting down slices.
Maraging steel faced of 1.9mm in thickness with high restitution coefficient with expanded sweet spots.
Designed for optimizing & focusing on center of gravity.Highly recommended for beginners & slicers.
Club Characteristics : Light weight body / more distance / better accuracy shots.

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Dynamic Plus (Maraging Steel Material) 
7 times of the strength of pure titanium.Face thicknes of 1.9 mm allows more forgiving swing. 
Low Center of Gravity designed,milled engraved face lines features improves 
high trajectory & high spin for consistent performances with friendly feel.
Light weight & high restitution coefficient with good sweet spot are model.
Club Characteristics: Neutral / light face / heavy body

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Vector RX
 Hooked biased iron , cutting slice ball flight with ease.
Bigger sweet area & wide sole area designed model makes an extremely forgiving club.
Club Characteristics : Cutting down slice shots

Customized golf clubs

Dynamic Plus Steel 
Stainless steel model with 2.6 mm in thickness .
Positively designed with forgiving features for wider range of golfers.
This friendly performer is just right for control & intentional shots.
Club Characteristics : For beginners to senior players.

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Full stainless steel head ,reducing hook & hitch shots.
Shifting weight to the heel of the club designed to optimized center of gravity positioning.
Highly recommend for strong ,hard hitters & professionals.
Club Characteristics : More accuracy shots & cutting hook shots.

Golf Iron sets

Vector SX 
Patented structure iron head made of beta titanium face of 2.5 mm thickness.
Giving high restitution of coefficient designed for hooked biased for cutting down those slice balls flights.
Purposely designed model with bigger sweet area & wider sole area makes this club very forgiving.
Club Characteristics : Cutting edge design for cutting down those serious slice shots.