27 August 2015

Golf Club Fitting Services

How to golf

Our Golf Club Fitting Services :

  • Assemble
  • Frequency matching
  • Spine adjustment
  • Bore  through (graphite shaft)
  • Bore through (steel shaft)
  • Slant assemble (loft/lie/face adjustment)
  • Club length extension
  • Shorten shaft tip
  • Shorten shaft butt
  • Re grip (own)
  • Re shaft (own)
  • Grip direction adjustment
  • Grip size adjustment
  • Loft/lie adjustment (forged mild steel and Yuji Golf irons)
  • Head polish (mirror or satin)
  • Bounce angle  adjustment for irons
  • Own name engraving for iron (min 10pcs)
  • Express services additional  10%


  • 7driver test to determine best head weight
  • calculate direction & deviation from loft to lie
  • calculate best club length from H value (height difference for junior to adult golfers )
  • calculate to adjust loft or lie angle by slant assemble
  • calculate for grip size adjustment
  • calculate the differences of gravity depth
  • calculate lie angle from length and H value
  • calculate flex from frequency
  • calculate to recommend the best flex
  • check the club weight unbalance
  • calculate moment of inertial of area

Shaft Spine Analyzer

Singapore Golf Club fitting

This machine locates the optimum spine of your shaft to enhance its consistency and performance

Face Angle Gauge

Golf Custom fitting

Not satisfied with the face angle of your club?Afterextensive R&D,Yuji Golf has developed a unique methodto customize the face angle of your club


Reshaft Golf Club Singapore

Our simple but reliable tool to assist in the precise assembly of your clubs!

Super Glues

Singapore Golf lessons

Using different epoxy glue depending on application is catered to our customers needs


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