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27 August 2015

Golf Club Fitting Services

How to golf

Our Golf Club Fitting Services :

27 January 2015

Yuji Golf on How To Golf Advise & Consultation

how to golf consultation
Golf results mainly are from " swing " and " club " ( and "mental / visualize training" ).

Usually big golf maker or manufacturer categorize golfer as
 For beginner or good player ,
Faster Or Slower in golf head speed ,
For fun social golf game or golf as sport's athlete .

But at YUJI GOLF (Golf Hospital )we are do concern more about our customer's golf positioning.
In other words: Every details from golf clubs specs next is golf swing & hitting impact analyser to golf
positioning more detailed.

15 April 2013

Gravity Depth

It is said direction of a golf ball is good when the gravity depth is deep.
Let's think about functions of gravity depth .
In these case of hitting position is d away from the sweet spot.

Graph shown above are both cases of gravity depth

07 April 2013

Golf Swing Weight 2

You can find a swing weight scale in most golf shop. But you can also measure it yourself by using weight scale and measuring tape .By doing this , you can try & calculate it by trying this method.

19 March 2013

Down blow shot gives more back spin

Its a world common sense that down blow shot increases the back spin and gives more distance.
I have been no doubt for long time.

 So I tried to calculate how the down blow shot increase the back spin.
After calculation ,  ???????.     What happening?      Then I think and think. 

Finally I realized that its not true.
Please see below

Down blow shot gives more back spin

Club loft : θ
Force to push ball by club head : F

The factor to decide the back spin value is the red color arrow size. (see fig)
 (Disregard the face material or groove shape or head rotation of off-set hitting)

 Then the red arrow size is
    F sin θ 
This formula contains only two factors.; F and θ  

It shows that The factor to increase back spin is
 1) bigger club loft 
 2) faster head speed 
Its nothing to do with a down blow angle.

 Down blow shot NEVER increase the back spin ! (but gives more distance)
 I found surprising fact.

15 February 2013

Lie angle and direction

Singapore Golf Club Fitting

Have you consider about the lie angle when you choose iron clubs.? Do you understand how much influenced to the result if the lie angle is not suitable for you?

The angle deviation of the direction can be calculated by mathematics though it is a bit troublesome at times .

First,you express the face of the iron by the equation.

Then you calculate the angle of the face normal and the direction of the target for different loft and lie.

As you know, when you hit the ball with upright lie then ball goes left, and when you hit ball with flat lie then ball goes right.

Is this influence the same when it has more loft and less loft?

07 February 2013

Golf Swing Weight 1

We will talk about swing weight or swing balance or so-called a balance this time.
(In the following, it unites by the expression "Balance". )

Balance is:
"Moment" in point circumference of 14 inches from grip end
in physics.

It has been believed for a long time that the value of the balance shows the heaviness of the weight felt during swing . However, many people knows that it is a complete mistake. It comes to a common sense now. Then where is the mistake?

23 July 2012